Or, if you wish, you can go there and be pretty down--there are sites listed in Chapter 7 for getting you down too.

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Every person you meet online and every link you make by clicking on a brightly lit word a hot link or hypertext will take you to the next level. Each layer you unveil as you head up the learning curve of the Internet makes it more fascinating and, sometimes, a little frustrating. But stick with it. Don't let it overwhelm you.

Imagine that it's just another step in the evolution of the phone: People often ask how to start, or where to go after they've plateaued. Learn as much as you can from the thousands of offerings on the net, bookmark those sites that turn you on, make sure your software is strong enough to handle your desires--and suddenly you're surfin' safari, baby.

In the IRC, cyberqueers can interact with other gay and lesbians all over the globe and live out their sexual fantasies, discuss current politics, exchange tips on gardening or carpentry, or join up in a private chat room with men or women wanting to participate in group activities. Why is the IRC so cool for gays and lesbians?

The IRC attracts so many gays and lesbians all over the world, and especially in the United States, because most IRC chat channels are not monitored by any official governmental agencies, nongovernmental organizations that promote so-called moral values, or private institutions. Those IRC channels that are run through online services, may, however, be monitored or even recorded. You will have to check with your specific online service to get more details. IRC has its own culture.

The limited control by outside individuals and institutions contributes to the diversity of communications on the IRC. Gay and lesbian communications have often sought to pervade the culture by rendering its methods invisible to the participants of the "real world", i. The IRC is an invaluable tool in the sophisticated methods of communication used by many gays and lesbians.

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Anonymity on the IRC draws the loonies, crazies, and the eternally repressed out to play, along with the curious, the playful, and the quite creative--a mixture of people that makes for a delightful and adventurous experience. After sifting through electronic information and e-mail all day, officers confiscated dozens of files and turned them over to authorities in New Jersey.

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Although civil and criminal court subpoenas have been served on online services, in recent years the search warrant has demonstrated law enforcement's ability to reach information that some computer users incorrectly thought was confidential. That is, of course, the reason that IRC works for most gays and lesbians. No one can interfere. It just isn't possible!

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The World of the Modern Computer Geek: This is their global homepage, undernourished but important. ACTUP meets with government officials, distributes the latest medical information, protests, and demonstrates. They are not silent by any means! They challenge anyone who, by their actions or inaction, hinders the fight against AIDS. This includes anyone responsible for inadequate funding for AIDS research, health care, or housing for people with AIDS, anyone who blocks the dissemination of life-saving information about safer sex, clean needles, and other methods of AIDS prevention, and anyone who encourages discrimination against people who are living with AIDS.

Look on the weekly calendar, available on the back table at Monday Night Meetings, to see when and where groups are currently meeting. Or call the Workspace and ask. Outrageous Tokyo is the follow-up to a series of Japanese-language magazines and is quite the doozie. Any queer traveler overseas is best advised to forget the bar rags--there are two, including a print version of OT--and go for this. It's up to the minute and the ads, like TV in Japan, are funny.

Interestingly, you have to take a step upward, technologically speaking, in order to see the full OT.

To get the entire issue, you must first download Adobe Acrobat. Ten years ago, the Japanese were the first to have fax machines at home; twenty years ago they were the first country to have a Walkman in every home. Nowadays you can't just have a Web browser and expect good service. No, once again you must have the technology.

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Adobe will make the print shine and the words less. In other words, the whole thing works. The last time I was in Japan people equated "gay" with "transvestite" and so I thought a club listing would make for outrageous reading. It did. British art hath no fury. Way Out Web. What's there? A British sense of the news for trannies as they are called that is much more timely and internationally focused than U. But first note that "This is a Mad Cow-free zone. If you find any Mad Cows on these pages, please e-mail us so we can take appropriate action!

Way Out Web is a transvestite's dream. In the United Kingdom it has received Net Magazine 's highest rating of five stars for its tireless efforts on behalf of transsexuals. You get the guide, personals, feedback, help forums, a look at local and national press, worldwide news, the link list to beat all TG lists, and I swear tranny guide stocklists. In the United Kingdom a stocklist is a magazine stand. And where can you find the magazine throughout England?

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Here you will see Web work at its best. I was amazed to see straightlaced Virgin Megastores listed as a place to get Way Out and other tran mags, and doubly shocked to find a site filled with how-to-find TrannyGuide 96 in the United States! This is purely for transsexuals and fans. The photo shoots found on Way Out and accompanying Brit sites are plentiful and outrageous, though a bit much after a short while.

The National Database for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth This database, with over thirty-seven hundred entries, is the largest collection of lesbigay resources in the nation. This is a great way to meet people, get support through tough times, find out the latest facts on AIDS, get information on where to volunteer, etc. Anything and everything you could possibly need can be found here. In addition, Outproud is home to Oasis reviewed herein , an online magazine written for and by lesbigay youth. Besides covering "hard" news and reviews, this mag is a great example of what an organization can do with few resources.

It is a must bookmark for any self-respecting youthful queer: And who couldn't use a little inspiration today? B's Leather wants you. Mister B is a top-quality store in leather, rubber, and army clothing located in the heart of Amsterdam leatherscene. A presa rapida da fasano: Sunset menu 1 fast-paced or a list of places to meet women and restaurant - aarp.

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